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About me 

As a teenager, I was diagnosed with both fibromyalgia and endometriosis – two inflammatory and debilitating conditions with very few treatment options. The lack of anticipated ‘cure’ for my symptoms resulted in me turning to food restriction and fad diets in a desperate attempt of self-treatment. Unfortunately, this inevitably resulted in a damaging change in my relationship with food. After years of struggle and simply surviving the symptoms I finally realised that my relationship with food and the content of my diet were driving rather than helping my symptoms. So, I entered the world of nutrition science, using food to fuel my body and mind and gradually my symptoms started to ease. I realised that I didn’t have to feel sluggish, exhausted, brain fogged and in pain all the time. My gut health transformed, my sleep and mood improved, my menstrual cycle became regular, my aches and pains became more bearable. I did not need to rely on medication anymore. Food became fun, I enjoyed eating out again, and my relationship with friends and family improved. I realised how much nutrition or lack of can affect every aspect of your life. 


I am my own personal example of how exchanging deprivation for healthy, individualised nutrition can impact one’s health and so, my own journey fuelled my passion and drive to inspire other women to embrace healing through nourishment and positive nutrition. 

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