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Welcome to EWNL Nutrition

Eating Well Not Less Nutrition is an evidence based nutrition clinic run by Stephanie Smith, a women’s health nutritionist. Stephanie offers 1-1 bespoke, accessible, nutrition plans and  coaching to help you optimise your health,well being and reframe restrictive eating behaviours. 


Working with you to help you thrive from the inside out 

I am a dedicated women’s health nutritionist with a passion for empowering women to achieve holistic wellbeing through personalised nutrition and lifestyle strategies. With a background in psychology and clinical nutrition I combine my expertise with a compassionate approach to guide my clients to take control of their own health in order to feel their best self.


With the growing nutrition sphere, there is an overwhelming wealth of information out there that can be both positive and negative – I believe in creating a supportive environment to encourage women to not only see nutrition as a way to improve their health but to enjoy food rather than fear it. Whether you would like to address a health issue or would simply like to address your overall wellness or attitude to food, I am here to help. 

I offer initial consultations with a follow up as well as my signature tailored reset. Click here to find out more about the tailored reset package. 

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I worked with Steph after years of feeling deflated about my low moods and low energy. Steph was approachable and supportive and worked closely with me to stabilise my blood sugar with simple, easy diet changes/additions. It transformed my attitude to towards food and inspired me to nourish my body more than I have before"

Jessica, 32

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